Summer always puts a smile on our face. When you combine the sunshine with music and love, well thats the best we suppose. Budapest is known with it’s festivals and parties as well as it’s historical value. With the first sun shines of the spring you will see party people all around the city. However the listed parties and the festival are the reasons that we proud of our taste of party.

1- Sziget Festival

Sziget festival is one of the largest festival which takes place in Europe. Every year festival hosts hundreds of thousands people. In 2016 festival reached its all time – peak  with 496,000 participant. Every year there are more than 1000 performance that you can see. Usually festival takes seven days, and it starts in the first week of August. Sziget Festival has won the Best Major European Festival award in early 2012 and 2015 at European Festivals Awards. It is not only music festival but also art and dance, cinema, theathre and many more activities are waiting for you to discover them at the island. 

2- OZORA Festival

Ozora Festival is a psycedelic tribal gatheric festival which has been taking place in a small village Dadpuszta. Festival has been going on since 2004. The very first party was called Solipse and it took place during the Solar eclipse of August 11, 1999.

The Ozora festival is the biggest psytrance festival in Hungary, and it is one of the fastest growing psytrance festivals in the world. Festival reached attandance of 60,000 visitors in 2015.

3- B my Lake

B my lake festival takes places in Zamardi, Balaton. Festival is the official afterparty of the Sziget Festival. Unlike the other festivals we can say that B my lake is the one which is just focussed on electronic performances like techno, tech house, minimal, and electro. You can have your combined ticket for both Sziget Festiveal and B my Lake for an afterparty.

4- Telekom VOLT Festival

VOLT Festival is one of the Hungary’s greatest festival which will going to happen from 27th of June to 1st of July. It has been more than 20 years that the festival is happening in Hungary. Festival hosts world famous singers, local artists of various genres. There are two main stages builded up in the festival, which are located opposite to each other which will make easier to follow the performances.

5- Balaton Sound

Balaton sound Festival gathers world’s most famous electronic music DJ’s at the same time for you. This insane festival starts like a music festival but it is just a matter of time for it to turn into a beach party. Balaton Sound festival is located on the side of the big Balaton Lake which is also considered as Hungarian sea. While you are enjoying the music and the party let the lake view amaze you with stunning sunset and sunrise.


+1 Mud Wrestling Show Budapest

Ever imagined watching a physical contest from the stands? Do you know the definition of fighting dirty?

There’s something primal about modern mud wrestling that really makes a competition worth watching. Watch the amazon wrestlers put on a show you won’t easily forget! The raw nature of this struggle makes for an eventful and captivating brawl.

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